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Our ERP software platform is designed to suite the modern business. Unlike legacy ERP solutions Imagine ERP has been constructed for the cloud without the baggage of traditional software companies. Imagine's suite of software was design in, and for, the modern era where lean processes and operations drive businesses where employees are expected to do more with less. We enable our customers to be more enabled and engaged with their own business by managing the difficulties of hosting an ERP system while delivering a streamlined, role based business platform.

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Design and workflow
Imagine ERP

We set out to design a system without the bulk of a traditional ERP. By removing the cumbersome legacy components of ERP systems designed over 30 years ago we are able to deliver a more streamlined business experience. Imagine ERP is built with modern workflows and cloud based infrastructure, without the need for costly onsite support and infrastructure. Our team grew up with original ERPs, so we know what to glean to make a modern ERP that is better suited for your needs and budget.

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Imagine ERP

Imagine ERP
Our Premier Software

Imagine ERP is a system designed around Workflows that enables and make users and departments accountable for their role in the company so they can thrive and do what is expected of them. Imagine ERP’s workflows are designed to guide them along through the business process and enable them as assets rather than be a burden..

  • Created for Today's requirements
  • Empowers Users and Departments
  • Simple and Intuitive
  • Workflow based processes

Imagine ERP Lean
Simple, Intuitive and Affordabe

Imagine ERP Lean is our vision of Software working for you. Imagine ERP Lean helps you take care of your Inventory, track orders, processes them, simple manufacturing and assembly, and no infrastructure required to get you started.

  • Cloud Based
  • Lot Tracking
  • Part Assembly
  • Bill Of Materials

Cloud Based
Fast and Secure

Hosted on Microsoft Azure Web hosting services and managed by our hosting Partner Imagine Data Services (Imagine IDS), Imagine ERP and ERP Lean are always ready and available. With daily and monthly backups and failover hosting locations, we provide 24/7/365 availability to YOUR BUSINESS.

  • Microsoft AZURE Hosting
  • Daily and Monthly backups
  • Datacenter Failover hosting
  • Imagine IDS

Mobile Friendly
Cross Platform

Imagine ERP and Imagine ERP Lean user interfaces are thought and coded witht a Mobile-First mentality. This enables low data transfers, faster and more efficient processes and the ability to stay informaed about yout business from everywhere and at any time. Imagine ERP works on any browser and can be operated from Windows, Mac OS X and Linux based computers.

  • Works on any Browser
  • Works on all mobile browsers
  • Cross Platform
  • OS X, Windows, Linux, Android


Imagine ERP

Imagine ERP made its start with this strong, cloud based ERP system. Designed around the concept that successful small and medium size companies need strong and stable ERPs Imagines original pilot software delivers a function, stable, and highly effective ERP platform. It includes many of the base modules of our enterprise suite in a very cost conscious platform. Imagine ERP is simply a clean, functional, and excellent tool to help run your business.

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Cost Effective

Cost Effective Pay-As-You-Go Service

Well Documented

FAQs, YouTube video setup and help guides, well trained support specialists.

Easy To Use

No Infrastructure required, just your computer or mobile device.

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