Clean Design

Easy, simple and intuitive User interface and business workflow.

Inventory Management

Manage inventory of all your products and services.

Lot Tracking

Track Lots from your vendors or produced parts.


Manage inventory form mutiple locations, track, transfer, sell, receive.

User Management

clearly and usefull define departments and roles with just access to the required modules.

Cloud Based

Access from anywhere with any device, you only need a browser and your are good to go.

Sales and Receiving

AR and AP managment modules, as well as invoicing and shipping.

BackOrder Tracking

Track and maintain your backorder log and ensure your customers don't get left with incomplete orders.

How It Works?

Start with an

In Imagine ERP, a Sales Order is known simply as an order, you start your process from here and move thorugh Imagine ERP's carefully designed Busines Process untill you reach your desired goal, which in most cases is an Invoice to your customer.

  • Enter an Order
  • Approve it
  • Issue a PO and/or Produce your products
  • Generate Inventory

Follow Up with

After an order has been approved, depending on the setting or routing of the product and the on hand availability at the warehouse, Imagine ERP can either issue an automated PO for material needed to produce, issue a production order and issue a Pick Ticket to the Warheouse.

  • Generate a Purchase Order
  • Generate a Manufacturing/Shop Order
  • Update Inventory
  • Issue Pick Ticket

Prepare and ship your

Once it has been determined there is enough material to fulfill your order, a Pick Ticket is issued to the corresponding warheouse to Pick, Pack and Ship. Automated BackOrder status is issued, if the settings permit, to the corresponding order number to alert you and the customer.

  • Pick and Pack
  • Issue Back Order
  • Update Inventory
  • Ship and Track

Invoicing and

No Process is complete untill yoiu get payed. Imagine ERP allows you to follow the complete business process and quickly view the status of your customer's orders. The User Interface and the Workflow Process along with powerfull reporting tools allows customer service to be at the top of their game.

  • Open Order with no Invoices
  • Open Invoices
  • Cost Analisys reporting
  • Manufacturing and Sales reporting


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